Maricel Ceuvas


Maricel Cuevas and her mother Mirtha Leon were both born in Cuba and due to religious persecution and basic human freedoms the family moved to the United States in January 1969 where they have since resided in the state of Florida.

Their lives have been dedicated to service in the church and their Catholic faith ..... they have always believed in the words of John 2:14, "Faith without action is dead".

In 2001, while vacationing in the resort area of Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic both mother and daughter were touched by the grand scale of poverty that they witnessed on the island.  That is when they decided to take action and have returned to the island several times a year bringing the people much needed supplies and sharing the Word of the Lord.

In 2006 they established Angels In Action as a non-for-profit organization to support and further their work.

Fr. Medard Laz


Fr. Medard Laz was ordained a priest in the Archdiocese of Chicago in 1969.  He served in a number of parishes and founded Holy Family Parish, Inverness, in 1984.

He has founded or co-founded a number of support groups including Rainbows, a support program for children in single parent homes and step-familes, and Joyful Again!, a retreat weekend for widows and widowers.  He is the author of nine books including Love Adds A Little Chocolate.

In 2006 Father Laz traveled to the Dominican Republic to share in the work that Maricel and Mirtha were undertaking.  He had a life changing experience in the bateyes where Haitian workers labor in squalid condition to cut sugar cane for pennies a day.  He found that there was no hope in the faces of the workers that he met and there and then vowed to dedicate himself to finding ways to overcome the ravages of poverty and to provide new hope and a new way of life for the poor.

For more on Fr. Med, as he is affectionately know, check out his website at: Treats for the Soul.